I make things with JavaScript

## Chrome Apps/Extensions - ####[Clear Code](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clear-code/glnikohjhmkofkfcphgbdlmhjdjffcmg) Syntax highlighting and beautifiers for embedded code examples, designed to make code examples easier to digest, particularly if they are displayed in narrow columned blogs or articles. Simply grabs the code and displays it in a distraction free viewer. Built with __AngularJS__, this extension also makes use of the __angular-chrome-options__ module (see below). [Source on Github](https://github.com/nverba/clear-code) - ####[Visor](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/page-tint/lhpbckonakppajdgicbjdfokagjofnob) A plain __JavaScript__ reading aid that protects tired eyes from bright screens. It uses colour overlays to reduce brightness and hard contrast, whilst creating an active point of focus that follows the mouse. It has proven to be useful to a number of users with dyslexia, as well as generally being popular amongst people who suffer from eye strain due to screen glare. [Source on Github](https://github.com/nverba/visor) ## D3 Charts - ####[Twitter Stats](http://nverba.github.io/d3-chart-example/) An example interactive __D3.js__ chart demo that exports to PNG. This was originally part of a __Sinatra__ application that scraped simple stats from Twitter followers. The rest of the application became unviable after Twitter updated it's API policy. [Demo](https://github.com/nverba/d3-chart-example) ## MOOCs Completed - __Introduction to Data Science__ (University of Washington via Coursera) - __Human-Computer Interaction__ (Stanford University via Coursera) - __How to Build a Startup__ (Steve Blank, via Udacity) - __Learn to Program: The Fundamentals__ (Introduction to Python, University of Toronto via Coursera) - __Software Engineering for SaaS__ (University of California, Berkeley via Coursera) ## Reading - __Programming JavaScript Applications__ _by_ Eric Elliott - __JavaScript Allongé__ _by_ Reginald Braithwaite - __JavaScript: The Good Parts__ _by_ Douglas Crockford - __Eloquent JavaScript__ _by_ Marijn Haverbeke - __Metaprogramming Ruby__ _by_ Paolo Perrotta - __Engineering Long Lasting Software__ _by_ Armando Fox _&_ David Patterson - __Learn to program__ _by_ Chris Pine